Dec 8 2021: Record-breaking extreme temperatures and significantly increased fire danger across Western Australia, shortly after Woodside greenlit its Scarborough mega gas mine development, is exactly why fossil fuels must stay in the ground, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.In the last few days, the Pilbara and Kimberley has seen the mercury rise over 45 degrees in some places while Wednesday will see hot and windy weather forecast for Perth, increasing fire weather warning.

Currently, fire crews have been deployed to a blaze in Chittering, 60km north-east of the state capital, while notably, Perth is set to experience record high temperatures, with 30-degree plus predicted for seven days straight for only the second time in 90 years.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, these severe temperatures are “well above normal for this time of year.”

Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter said these record-breaking conditions, which could lead to a marine heatwave and coral bleaching, demonstrate why Australian decision makers need to drastically reduce emissions by joining the rest of the world in decarbonising.

“The science has been clear and present – growing emissions lead to increased temperatures and shortly after Woodside approved one of the most climate polluting developments in Australia’s history, the region is now facing record-breaking extreme conditions”

“What more will it take for Woodside, and government on all levels, to finally accept the science and leave fossil fuels in the ground for good? 

“The International Energy Agency, one of the world’s most conservative energy bodies, has said there should be no new coal or gas projects, and just last week, Woodside desperately rushed through its final investment decision for the Scarborough gas field, without securing all necessary approvals for the project.

“Days later, the Morrison Government announces a national gas infrastructure plan for the benefit of the big gas corporations – which will only make climate change worse -and now right at the very beginning of summer, Australians are bracing for extreme temperatures – and potentially fires and marine heatwaves leading to coral bleaching.

“If Woodside needed another wake-up call to walk away from this project, here it is.”

“I personally know the impacted regions pretty well and wish all the best to everyone who is caught up in this record heat wave, to stay safe”. 

Woodside’s Scarborough gas development is set to be Australia’s most polluting fossil fuel project, generating 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2. A newly constructed pipeline from the development to the Pluto facility on the Burrup Peninsula will run straight through the unique biodiversity of Montebello Marine Park and cut across the migratory route of endangered pygmy blue whales. Further species impacted around the Dampier Archipelago include turtles, humpbacks, dugongs and dolphins.


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