Passage of Climate Bill a first step but Australia must rule out new coal and gas

SYDNEY, Aug 4 2022 - The lower house passage of Labor’s climate bill marks an early win for climate action but must be accompanied by a commitment to ruling out any new coal and gas projects, Greenpeace Australia Pacific says.


Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter said the strengthening of Labor’s signature policy was a positive first step but the inclusion of a ratchet mechanism means that new fossil fuel projects like Woodside’s proposed Browse mega gas project are incompatible with the legislation and a safe climate for Australians.

“It’s great that after the wasted years of the lost decade of inaction and rising emissions Australian parliamentarians have finally been able to come together to help tackle the most important issue of our times. But when it comes to reining in climate change, Australia has a lot of catching up to do. There is no room for any new coal and gas projects.  

“Momentum is so much better than doing bugger all, but we have to speed the hell up from here.”

“Amendments to the bill obtained by the Greens and independents mean that the current emissions reduction target will only strengthen and climate-wrecking projects like Woodside’s Burrup Hub will only become more untenable in the future.

“The International Energy Agency and the United Nations have been clear that there is no room for new gas developments to ensure a safer climate, and gas demand is set to shrink as the world shifts to cleaner, safer renewables.

“The Albanese government has made a start with this target but to do what the science demands to address global heating, the Federal Government needs to vastly increase its climate ambition.” 



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