No thanks to Morrison on climate from Australia or the Pacific

MELBOURNE, 23 April 2021 - In response to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s comments at the Biden Climate Summit overnight, please find the following statements from Greenpeace Australia Pacific below.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Greenpeace Australia Pacific spokesperson Nelli Stevenson said:

“Once again the Federal Coalition Government has made a mockery of Australia on the world stage when it comes to climate change. While other major economies around the world are dramatically ramping up their ambitions, Australia is lagging behind.

“Rather than keeping up with the pace of global climate ambition, the Federal Coalition Government is instead forcing more polluting fossil fuels like gas into Australia’s energy mix, and pouring good money after bad on fantasy technologies like carbon capture and storage

“Scott Morrison and his government’s refusal to take meaningful action on climate change is a slap in the face to all Australians still picking up the pieces of major climate disasters like the most recent NSW floods, and the 2019-20 terror bushfire season.


FALEFA, SAMOA – Greenpeace Head of Pacific Joseph Moeono-Kolio said:

“Scott Morrison has missed a golden opportunity to set Australia on the right path by taking the emissions reduction action necessary to help secure a safe and prosperous future for Australians and the Pacific.

“Australia is being left behind by our friends and allies. Halving emissions by 2030 would have put Australia and the entire region on the path to a safer and more predictable climate while reducing impacts like droughts, bushfires and cyclones, which are all made worse by climate change.

“Once again, our friend Australia has kicked all of us from the Pacific in the guts. Australia may be the biggest member of the Pacific Islands Forum, but Morrison has shown to have the smallest ambition of all our region’s leaders. 

“By refusing to echo the Pacific’s clear and consistent calls for wealthy coal, oil and gas producing nations to take stronger action on climate change, he has condemned us all. Future generations will remember him for this betrayal of our Pacific family.”


For more information please contact communications campaigner Martin Zavan on 0424 295 422 or email [email protected]