Greenpeace Australia Pacific has welcomed today’s historic proposal for a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard, and has put the petrol car lobbyists on notice that Australians won’t let them put sugar in the tank.

“Today’s announcement is a victory for the thousands of Australians who made submissions to the Government asking for meaningful action to reduce emissions from transport”, according to Greenpeace Australia Pacific Senior Campaigner Joe Rafalowicz.

“This is a great day for the millions of Australian drivers who would like the choice to make the switch to electric vehicles, but have been held back by a policy void.”

“The proposed ‘New Vehicle Efficiency Standard’ will put Australia on a path to less carbon pollution, more efficient cars and lower-cost transport, marking this as a historic day for action on climate change – provided the Federal Government resists pressure from the self-interested petrol car lobby.”

“The strength of the proposal also shows the Government has seen through the lies of the international petrol car importers. The proposal avoids excessive credits and loopholes, and it properly designates SUVs as ‘passenger vehicles’ to ensure they also become more efficient over time.”

“The analysis released today shows the model put forward by the petrol car lobby would achieve “negligible” reductions in petrol costs and pollution – the Government has rightly discarded it as useless.”

“We know the petrol car lobby will do everything it can to sabotage this proposal with scare campaigns and misinformation. Greenpeace urges the Government to stay the course and get this proposal legislated as soon as possible, so that motorists can start fuelling their vehicle with Australian sunshine instead of imported, polluting petrol.”

“We hope to see more announcements in the future that help get low-income Australians into electric vehicles, and assistance for the 70% of Australians who buy second-hand cars.”