Changes to rules to turbocharge sales of electric vehicles in America highlights how far behind Australia is when it comes to quieter, cleaner car technology, says Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

Overnight the Biden administration announced its plans to ensure two-thirds of new car sales and a quarter of trucks sold in the U.S. by 2032 are all electric. 

Greenpeace senior campaigner Lindsay Soutar says the policy decision shows how rapidly the world is moving to embrace electric vehicles, and that fuel efficiency standards can bring Australia up to speed. 

“This announcement by the Biden administration should come as a wake-up call for the Australian government to speed up investment in clean car technology and implement a strong fuel efficiency standard,” she said. 

“America is embracing a more rapid shift to electric vehicles to save motorists trillions of dollars, cut air pollution and create tens of thousands of new jobs. 

“With our abundant renewable and mineral resources, Australia too could be leading the charge by creating new industries in battery and EV manufacturing, but instead we are stuck paying more for fuel while the cost of living continues to skyrocket, and missing out on important new economic opportunities.

“America is speeding past Australia with EV standards. These new rules show once again how far Australia is behind the rest of the world. Australia ranks alongside Russia as one of the only developed economies without fuel efficiency standards.

“The Federal Government can accelerate Australia’s electric transport transition by introducing strong fuel efficiency standards that will make cleaner electric vehicles affordable and accessible for all Australians.”

The Albanese government released its National Electric Vehicle Strategy consultation paper in September last year, but the findings are yet to be released.