“National embarrassment”: Australia snubbed from global climate summit

SYDNEY, December 11 2020 - In yet another confirmation that the global community is tiring of Australia acting as a deadweight on climate action, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been denied a speaking position at this weekend’s United nations Climate Action Summit.

In order to receive an invitation to speak, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted nations had to be announcing stronger and more ambitious climate goals and emissions reduction initiatives.

“When it comes to climate, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has once again proved to be a national embarrassment to Australians on the global stage,” said David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

“If you want to get to speak at an ambition summit, you need to have ambition. And Scott Morrison has shown not one ounce of ambition to do anything to secure the future prosperity and security of Australia or the world in the face of the mounting climate threat”.

“The leaders of the world are not fooled by Morrison’s shallow public relations efforts. They see past his slogans to the burned Australian landscape and the bleached Great Barrier Reef and see the empty posturing of a man who is doing nothing in the face of an emergency.”

“When it comes to climate change, Morrison has been nothing more than a PR guy for Angus Taylor’s shocking incapacity to perform in his role as Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction.

“Only countries who are are bringing climate ambition to the table are invited to speak at this event, while the Morrison Government is clutching doggy bags left over by states and businesses who are getting on with safe and reliable renewable energy”

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