Sydney, 1 February 2021: Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s speech to the National Press Club on his government’s 2021 priorities has revealed a staggering lack of vision and leadership around climate change and energy transition.

Morrison’s speech, largely a rehash of inadequate energy and climate announcements made over the past 12 months, demonstrates the Federal Government’s blinkered vision and inability to shift its approach on climate, despite seismic shifts in global efforts to tackle climate change and worsening scientific evidence, says David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

“Scott Morrison is failing in the most fundamental duty of the Prime Minister, to safeguard the security and prosperity of the Australian people and our beautiful continent,” he said. 

“As our country has burned, as our reefs have bleached, as our allies and trading partners begin to move quickly, still Scott Morrison is as stuck in the muck as the stickiest barfly apparently unwilling and unable to take real action to achieve net-zero emissions target.”

“No commitment to a target. No commitment to a mechanism for achieving a target. No commitment to heed the science. No commitment to the Australian people.”

“The Federal Government seems to be taking an increasingly isolationist stance on climate, as the rest of the world, as well as our states, territories and industry, get on with the job of tackling the climate crisis.” 

“Morrison’s stubbornness, his lack of vision and his inability to manage the internal politics of his own party is putting Australians at increasing risk from dangerous climate change, and putting us at odds with our most important global allies, including the US.”

“What we need now is clear-sighted leadership, and a concrete plan to get Australia to a fully renewable-powered grid by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2040. Anything less is gambling with Australians lives, and the future of this country.”

“Instead, what we’re getting is a mish-mash of tired old energy policy and denial of the reality of the climate crisis. Australia deserves better than a hollow man mouthing empty slogans.”

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