Morrison backs bushfire Royal Commission looking at climate change, then decries the science linking climate and fires

SYDNEY, Jan 10 2019 - Among the familiar voices at 2GB, Scott Morrison has let slip what he truly thinks about the link between climate change and the bushfires, saying that “conflation” of the issues was “disappointing”. [1]

“It was only yesterday Scott Morrison was telling a nationally-broadcast press conference that a bushfire Royal Commission should include climate change. [2] Today he’s hinting that climate change and the bushfires shouldn’t be linked”, Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO, David Ritter, said.

“The scientific evidence is overwhelming that climate change is behind the unprecedented hot and dry conditions that have made these fires so terrible. 

“Doubting the link between climate change and the fire disaster is the same failure of leadership that has left Australia without an effective policy to reduce emissions – and that saw the prime minister so unprepared for the catastrophic fire conditions of this summer despite numerous warnings.

“In Australia’s time of need, our prime minister has been absent, dismissive of the tragedy and tried to use it to his political advantage. Recent polling shows that the majority of the Australian people want full-scale mobilisation of the nation to meet the challenge of the climate emergency. [3] That is now the test for Morrison and every other political leader.”

“Scientists, who have warned us for years that the primary cause of climate change is burning fossil fuels like coal. Leaders like Morrison must no longer ignore those calls.”

“2019 was Australia’s hottest and driest year on record. [4] It’s no coincidence that it has been followed by one of the most destructive bushfire seasons the country has ever experienced. Morrison needs to accept the science and stop playing politics with when the Australian people just want urgent climate action now.”








Greenpeace Australia Pacific Communications Campaigner, Martin Zavan

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