SYDNEY, Aug 22, 2019 – Continued Federal Government failure to plan is putting Australian energy at risk, with aging coal plants increasingly failing.This morning AEMO published its annual Electricity Statement of Opportunities, which predicts risks to the grid, potential power shortfalls and investment opportunities over the next ten years. 

“The threats AEMO has identified are caused by aging and increasingly unreliable coal-burning power stations. They’ve previously identified cheap and reliable wind and solar as the solution to Australia’s long-term energy security. Angus Taylor has proven deaf to their call – he’s an anti-wind ideologue and climate sceptic whose only plan is to pump taxpayer money into these failing coal clunkers.”

In a less than two-year period since December 2017, ageing and unreliable coal and gas power stations have broken down more than 200 times.

“Routine breakdowns at coal-burning power stations are proof that our antiquated energy system can’t handle the 21st-century climate crisis. After six years of policy chaos and failure, it is time for Taylor to take AEMO’s advice and get on with the job of building the modern energy system – powered by the wind and the sun – that we so desperately need,” Mr Hanson said.


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