Minister Ferguson must clarify over spying allegations

Press release - 9 January, 2012

Sydney, Monday 9 January, 2012: Greenpeace is calling on Energy Minister Martin Ferguson to give a full clarification and the release of all materials relating to the surveillance activities carried out against Greenpeace and other environmental organistions.

“Greenpeace is committed to taking action in defence of our environment. Allegations that Minister Ferguson has been using tax payers’ money to spy on our legitimate work is of great concern,” said Greenpeace CEO Helen Gibbons. “Minister Ferguson must immediately clarify the extent of the surveillance being carried out on Greenpeace and others.”
Most Australians would accept that it is reasonable to take measures to protect critical energy infrastructure for reasons of national security. However, if the Minister is going further and using taxpayers’ money to protect the commercial interests of the resource sector, then this is an extremely serious development.
“It’s time for the Minister to declare and demonstrate exactly who he represents; the profits of big business or the interests of the Australian people,” said Gibbons.
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