Press release – 13 March, 2013Katie Noonan to play live set during open day in support of ‘Save the Reef’ campaign14 March, 2013
: At 12pm this Saturday afternoon, singer-songwriter
Katie Noonan
will be taking time out from her dates at Melbourne Arts Centre’s Famous Spiegeltent to perform a 45-minute set with her band in front of Greenpeace’s new Rainbow Warrior.
The set is part of Greenpeace’s  free ‘Rainbow Warrior’ open days, held between
9 am and 2pm this Saturday and 10am and 2pm on Sunday at Melbourne’s Princes Peer
Katie will be performing the music from her Spiegeltent production Love-Song-Circus in support of the Greenpeace campaign to protect the Great Barrier Reef, which is under threat by the reckless expansion of the coal industry.
As she explains, "I support this campaign because I refuse to be part of the generation that stood by and let the Great Barrier Reef be wrecked by coal ports and climate change. How many scientists do we need to tell us to act before we actually listen? Right now, today, is the critical moment. Please join this campaign. Help us to join together to say enough is enough."
“We’re really delighted to have Katie’s support for this campaign. She’s a passionate advocate for protecting the Great Barrier Reef and another fantastic reason for Victorians to come down to visit the Rainbow Warrior this weekend,” said Greenpeace CEO David Ritter.
On Friday, actor and Australian legend
Michael Caton
will also drop by for lunch on the Rainbow Warrior to meet the crew and also lend his support to the campaign.
“I’m not about to say ‘end all coal mining’ but, really, how much is enough?” asks Caton. “We seem determined to dig everything up and sell it in a generation…Where does this leave future generations? What will they say of us? Thanks for leaving us with a worked out quarry and the natural beauty of our wonderful Barrier Reef destroyed by rising water temperatures."
The Rainbow Warrior will be in Australia for six weeks, travelling between Melbourne and Far North Queensland.
For more information, contact Greenpeace Communication Manager James Lorenz on 0400 376 021.