In response to today’s announcement that Australia will join the Glasgow Statement to end international public finance for fossil fuels, the following comments can be attributed to Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s Head of Advocacy, Dr Susie Byers:

Action ahead of the Climate Vulnerable Forum in the Marshall Islands
Marshallese activists rally on the coast of the nation’s capital Majuro, to demand that leaders of developed nations dramatically upscale their plans to limit global warming.

“Greenpeace welcomes the announcement from COP28 that Australia has joined over 40 nations in signing the Clean Energy Transition Partnership — a crucial move towards phasing out fossil fuels for good and a massive step forward for Australia.

“This important agreement will help to shift billions of dollars out of polluting fossil fuels and catalyse finance for clean, renewable energy. It sends a strong signal that the Australian government is serious about rebuilding its reputation on the global stage and is ready to step up to show what true climate leadership in our region can look like.

“Now, this must translate into action at home. It’s time for Australia to turn the tap off on the billions of taxpayer dollars poured into the fossil fuel industry every year and to stop approving new fossil fuel projects — including Woodside’s Burrup Hub which alone would generate twelve times more emissions than Australia does in a year.

“As COP28 progresses, we must keep the human faces of climate change front of mind, from our Pacific neighbours being devastated by sea level rise and cyclones, to Australians facing another summer of deadly bushfires and extreme heat. We can not limit warming to 1.5 degrees unless we keep all fossil fuels in the ground.”