“Like calling the fire brigade while setting fire to the house”: Australia pledges climate resilience while committing to coal

Sydney, 25 January 2021: AUSTRALIA’S PLEDGE TO JOIN 100 nations in a climate resilience pledge ahead of the UN Climate Adaptation Summit, while refusing to commit to net-zero emissions, has been called “the worst kind of hypocrisy” by Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific spokesperson Nelli Stevenson said that the Federal Government’s focus on building “climate resilience”, while remaining committed to mining, burning and exporting coal and gas which are driving climate change, was putting Australian communities in danger from worsening bushfires and extreme heat.

“Our Federal Government’s new “Climate Resilience and Adaptation strategy” is like calling the fire brigade while setting fire to the house,” she said.

“Australia is one of the world’s worst climate offenders. We export more coal and gas, the primary drivers of dangerous climate change, than anywhere else in the world. Our Federal Government has steadfastly refused to follow the lead set by the rest of the world, as well as our states, territories and industry, in committing to net zero emissions.”

“For Minister Sussan Ley to stand up in front of a UN Climate Adaptation Summit, which includes leaders from Pacific nations gravely threatened by rising sea levels, and call for “climate resilience” while Australia continues to spew out emissions smacks of the worst kind of hypocrisy.”

“Australia must step up and commit to net-zero emissions by 2040, and phase out mining and burning coal and gas if it is serious about protecting communities from climate impacts such as worsening bushfires, extreme heatwaves, flooding and droughts. To keep communities safe, climate resilience alone isn’t going to cut it.”

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