Ley’s proposed laws “a kick in the guts” for nature

SYDNEY, Feb 12 2021 - Environment Minister Sussan Ley’s proposed Interim National Environmental Standards to replace Australia’s current environmental laws ignore the advice of the independent review and would serve to weaken already inadequate environment protections.

“Graeme Samuel’s review found that Australia’s current environmental protection laws were inadequate and proposed concrete measures to help protect wildlife and the places we love, and Minister Ley has thrown all that out the window,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific spokesperson Martin Zavan said.

“It’s a kick in the guts to everyone who loves Australia’s unique wildlife, such as the koala, that Minister Ley has ignored the expert advice and suggests replacing one weak set of laws with another.

“Experts have said these interim standards are so loosely worded that almost anything could be consistent with them – even the current situation that has seen native species wiped out or placed at risk of extinction. 

“When Professor Samuel reviewed our current laws he found they had failed to protect our unique wildlife, plants and ecosystems. If Minister Ley insists on replicating them, she is condemning Australian nature to suffer even further.  

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean described Mr Samuel’s review as “outstanding” and said he wanted to see “the strongest environmental standards enforced with a strong environmental watchdog,” [1]

ACT Minister for Environment Rebecca Vassarotti also expressed support for Professor Samuel’s recommendations and warned that Minister Ley could not “cherry-pick” from his recommendations.



[1] https://www.smh.com.au/environment/conservation/proposed-environment-standards-fall-far-short-of-recommendations-20210211-p571k5.html 



Greenpeace Australia Pacific Communications Campaigner, Martin Zavan

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