SYDNEY – Thursday 9 May 2024 – Federal Resources Minister Madeleine King has today released the Federal Government’s ‘Future Gas Strategy’ – a betrayal of the Labor Government’s commitment to the Australian and Pacific communities to deliver urgent, accelerated climate action, Greenpeace Australia Pacific said today.

Comments attributable to Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter:

“Labor won the last Federal election on a promise of delivering the urgent, decisive climate action Australians want and deserve. Minister King’s announcement today is not only a betrayal of that commitment, it is a step closer to a more unsafe future for us all. This is no better than a smoker saying they are giving up, but in reality just swapping one brand of cigarettes for another.

“Minister King’s so-called strategy might as well have been written by the fossil fuel lobby; it is full of measures to ease the way for new gas, and conveniently light on measures to protect the threatened species that will be harmed in the process. It reads like a blank cheque for the industry to drill as they please, no matter the cost to our communities, and our climate.

“At a time when the science is crystal clear that any new fossil fuels are incompatible with a safe future, and global leaders—including Australia—have agreed to transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems, this government is flogging fossil fuel furphies like “green gas” instead of proven and affordable renewable energy solutions. 

“Minister King’s reckless strategy is completely at odds with the Labor government’s progress towards its own Net Zero Emissions targets. It will deliver profits for gas exporters in the short term while saddling Australians with worsening extreme weather, more costly energy, redundant gas infrastructure and a less competitive economy. 

“This government must act in the best interest of the Australian people. For starters, we know that Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek will soon decide whether to let Woodside develop the most polluting parts of the Burrup Hub—Browse and the Northwest Shelf extension. We call on Minister Plibersek not to approve these proposals.

“The light on the hill cannot be powered by gas. Minister King is wrong on the science, doing wrong to the people of Australia, and is undermining the Labor government’s standing, at home and abroad. 

“The Australian people are watching closely, as are our Pacific family. We urge  Ministers Plibersek, Bowen and King to ensure that this government’s legacy is not broken promises; but rather, a safe and thriving future for us all.”

Comments attributable to Shiva Gounden, Head of Pacific at Greenpeace Australia Pacific:

“For our people in the Pacific, today’s news is a dagger in the back. At the COP28 summit, Minister Bowen referred to the Pacific as ‘our brothers and sisters’. But to truly be a family, you need to stop making the same mistakes again and again. What the Pacific needs right now is a stop to all expansion of fossil fuels – that means gas as well.”

“While Minister King courts Japanese investment, Minister Bowen will need to meet Pacific Island communities face-to-face at future COP meetings: will he stand by and allow this to happen? This Government knows that Australia’s fraught relationship with the Pacific relies on real climate action, not rhetoric.

“If the Australian government is serious about supporting its Pacific vuvale, it must uphold its commitment made at COP28 in Dubai to transition away from all fossil fuels. You can’t transition away by opening new fossil projects. It makes no sense.”

You’ll find a copy of Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s own submission to the Future Gas Strategy (November 2023) here.


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