‘It’s gas!’ Morrison guts clean energy agencies and outlines recovery policy more suited to 1960 than 2020

SYDNEY, Sept 17 2020 - Australia’s two renewable energy agencies will be allowed to invest in gas under a proposal written by the gas industry and dutifully made law by the Morrison Government.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which are currently only allowed to invest in clean energy sources, will be permitted to fund polluting gas projects, as well as so-called carbon capture and storage.

“Under Scott Morrison’s leadership, fossil fuel industry wish lists become Coalition policy and Australian families and communities pay the price in higher energy costs and devastating climate impacts,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific spokesperson Jonathan Moylan said.

“It’s no surprise that a review of energy policy outsourced to the former head one of Australia’s biggest gas companies has recommended tilting the playing field in favour of gas, a polluting fossil fuel driving climate change.” [1]

“Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor cannot claim to be economic conservatives while actively junking things that work. ARENA and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation have delivered strong returns for taxpayers while helping accelerate the transition to the clean and modern renewable energy that Australia needs. 

“Instead of allowing these agencies to waste money on dangerous and polluting fossil fuels like gas, the Coalition should be actively supporting a switch to clean, affordable and reliable energy sources like wind and solar.” 



[1] https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-19/morrison-opens-way-to-paying-for-cleaner-coal-with-climate-funds/12261612 



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