Industry pushing ‘imaginary’ cars won’t solve transport emission woes

SYDNEY, 23 October 2023 –  It’s been revealed in Senate Estimates today that the integrity of the Federal Government’s proposed vehicle emissions standard could be undermined by letting car companies count ‘imaginary’ fuel-efficient vehicles towards emission reduction goals.

It comes as Senators Rice and Pocock grilled departmental officials over the proposal from industry to allow so-called ‘multiplier credits’ – referred to by Minister King as a ‘loophole’ in remarks to the Parliament last week.

“Greenpeace Australia Pacific has again emphasised that the Federal Government must deliver urgently on ambitious, robust and loophole-free fuel efficiency standards – standards that will deliver real emissions reductions and cost savings for the sake of communities, and our planet,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Joe Rafalowicz said today.

“With Australians majorly feeling the pinch at the petrol pump, introducing rigorous standards are one of the best ways the Federal Government can help reduce running costs for vehicles on our roads.

“A fuel efficiency standard is the first step to opening up the Australian market to more EVs and ensuring that demand for them can be met.

“We know there is serious demand for more electric vehicles on our roads – demand that cannot be met while Australia lags behind without a fuel efficiency standard. 

“In a climate and cost of living crisis, we need the Government to accelerate on electric and efficient vehicles and legislate strong, effective vehicle emissions standards as a priority,” Rafalowicz added. 



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