Modelling released today shows local residents will benefit from hundreds of millions of dollars in fuel savings over 10 years, should the Federal Government implement strong pollution standards later this year.The Federal Government is currently working to develop a policy that puts limits on the amount of carbon pollution cars sold in Australia can emit.

“Australia is the only major economy alongside Russia not to put this policy in place. This has turned Australia into a dumping ground for polluting vehicles other countries will no longer accept. It is also holding Australians back from accessing more affordable electric cars,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaign spokesperson Lindsay Soutar said today.

“If the Federal Government acts this year to implement strong fuel efficiency standards it will make more efficient and electric cars more affordable to more Australian families.”

The modelling shows the average family with an electric vehicle (EV) will save over $1,550 a year in avoided petrol costs – or even more if they have rooftop solar. 

“In a climate and cost of living crisis, implementing strong pollution standards makes economic and environmental sense,” said Ms Soutar.

“Had the Government introduced standards in 2015 when the idea was initially put forward, Australians would have saved almost 6 billion dollars in fuel costs since.

“Yet a lack of fuel efficiency standards in Australia is putting the brakes on the electric vehicle market.

“Now’s our chance for Australia to speed up to the rest of the world,” Ms Soutar added.

Please find attached a copy of Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s “Electrify Your Electorate” Briefing pack – outlining how your local community will save money in the electric vehicle switch. This data is based on Federal electorate data – you can find your electorate, here.

We encourage you to ask your Federal parliamentarians to comment on their position in relation to this all-important issue, due to be debated in Parliament later this year.