SYDNEY, March 4 2020 – Telstra has become the first Australian telecommunications company to commit to 100% renewable energy by 2025 in an announcement made this afternoon.The announcement by CEO Andrew Penn details Telstra’s commitments to become carbon neutral from this year, enabling 100% renewable energy by 2025, and reducing absolute emissions 50% by 2030, naming climate change as the reason behind the move.

“As one of the top fifteen electricity users in Australia, Telstra is showing what it looks like for corporates to step up on climate change,” said Lindsay Soutar, Senior Campaigner at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

“Telecommunications companies like Telstra use enormous amounts of energy to power their operations, so it’s important to see them starting to clean up their act and lead the transition to 100% renewable energy.”

“Right now in Australia our electricity networks are still powered by polluting coal, so when large companies like Telstra make clear commitments to 100% renewable energy it makes a real difference to cleaning up Australia’s emissions.”

“Today’s announcement is of particular impact because it’s not just about what is happening 30 years down the track, but what big energy users like Telstra are doing right now and over the next five years.”

“Over 220 major companies across the world have now made commitments to 100% renewable electricity through the RE100 initiative. The growing worldwide movement of large businesses leading the way on renewable energy shows that 100% renewable energy makes good business sense.”

“We look forward to seeing other major electricity users like Coles and Woolworths make similar commitments.”

“Australian companies are leading the way in moving our country to clean and affordable renewable energy, where our country is powered by our abundant sunshine and wind. People have the choice to support the businesses that are doing their part in enabling a safe and healthy climate.”

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