Greenpeace welcomes carbon price – Still more to do to secure a clean energy future

Press release - 7 November, 2011

Greenpeace Australia Pacific today welcomed the passage of the clean energy legislation through the Senate but said there is still more to do to ensure Australia moves to a low carbon future.

In Canberra to mark the passage of the vote, Greenpeace Australian Pacific Head of Communications Dae Levine said the day was significant.
“The passing of today’s legislation is an important first step in Australia’s shift from a high risk, high polluting economy to a safe, sustainable, low carbon economy.
“It will also result in serious investment in renewable clean energy – helping establish a viable industry, creating thousands of jobs and giving certainty to investors.
“And at last we can begin the long game of catch up towards more progressive international players on reducing our carbon emissions and making polluters more accountable for the damage they do to our environment.”
Ms Levine said that while it was important to mark today’s outcome it was critical not to lose sight of all that is still needed to protect the community from polluting industries.
“This is really just a first step,” she said.
“The Government now needs to ensure that its existing policies, as well as its future ambitions, are consistent with an approach of reducing emissions.
“We urge the Government to take two immediate logical next steps.
“Firstly, withdraw the $100 million grant awarded by the Howard Government to a new dirty coal-fired power station, HRL, in Victoria.
“And second, eliminate approximately $12 billion worth of subsidies that are provided to the fossil fuel industry every year.
“Both the money for the HRL grant and these subsidies should be immediately re-directed to safe clean industries of the future,” Ms Levine said.
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