Greenpeace response to Morrison/NSW major energy deal

In response to the Morrison government striking a major energy deal with the NSW government, Dr Nikola Casule, Head of Research and Investigations at Greenpeace Australia Pacific said:

While we welcome the Berejiklian Government’s commitment to transmission upgrades which will be a vital part of transitioning NSW to renewable energy, today’s announcement of more fossil fuels is completely at odds with common sense in the wake of the bushfire crisis.

New South Wales has been choking on toxic pollution from the bushfires for months, so why is this deal committing to more coal for Mount Piper, one of the most polluting coal-fired power stations in New South Wales?

The Mount Piper power station creates more toxic pollution, like mercury and sulphur dioxide, per unit of electricity generated than any other power station in NSW: at levels five times above legal limits in China or the EU.

New South Wales has shown strong leadership lately on renewables, but today’s decisions on coal and gas in conjunction with the Morrison Government come straight from the fossil fuel industry’s playbook, which has far too much influence on the Federal Government.

While koalas are burning alive, and fires still threaten families all over New South Wales, these new commitments to securing and financing fossil fuels like coal and gas are a slap in the face to everyone feeling the impacts of this climate-fuelled bushfire crisis.

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