Greenpeace launches Climate Solutions to help Aussies drive climate action

SYDNEY, Dec 7 2021: Greenpeace Australia Pacific today launched a new tool to help Australians identify ways they can fight the climate crisis. Climate Solutions by Greenpeace combines practical, tailored advice and in-depth insights on the solutions available to help Australians drive the country’s shift to a cleaner, greener future.

Research shows three-quarters (75 per cent) of Australians are worried about the climate, the largest proportion in the history of the Australia Institute’s annual survey. While many already take action to reduce their personal environmental impact – such as recycling, using public transport, and buying from local suppliers – taking additional steps can be overwhelming without a single source of information. 

Climate Solutions by Greenpeace helps Australians take simple action, all backed by in-depth insights from leading climate researchers. Australians complete a simple five-question quiz on their existing habits and the type of action they would like to take. They are then provided with an analysis of their existing impact, alongside suggestions for how they can take further action aligned to their habits and preferences.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific Head of Research & Investigations Dr Nikola Casule said: “In order to honour the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees, and pursue efforts to remain below 1.5 degrees, global carbon emissions need to reach net zero by 2050. For developed countries like Australia, the required targets are stricter: a complete decarbonisation of the electricity sector by 2030, and a net zero deadline of 2035.

“The Federal Government’s continued investment in fossil fuels — the leading cause of climate change — flies in the face of the reality that three-quarters of Australians are worried about the climate.

“Research shows that Australia can decarbonise well before 2050 through accelerated deployment of mature and demonstrated zero-emissions technologies, and the rapid development and commercialisation of emerging zero-emissions technologies in hard-to-abate sectors.

“Climate Solutions by Greenpeace is backed by research into the existing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and arms Australians with knowledge on how to turn their everyday actions into lasting systemic impact.”

Climate Solutions by Greenpeace launches as concern around the climate crisis grows to new levels following COP26, a landmark IPCC report warning of devastating climate impacts, the Australian Government’s climate obstruction, and a timid emissions reduction policy from the Federal Labor party


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