Greenpeace Australia Pacific has welcomed the Australian Labor Party committing to support a global ban on deep-sea mining at the ALP National Conference, urging the party to now ramp up pressure on global counterparts to do the same.

During the climate and environment session, Labor passed the policy unamended, committing to “ensure the Australian Government leads ambitious international efforts for global agreements on […] a moratorium on deep-sea mining in international waters.”

This is a positive step forward for Labor, which has been under scrutiny by climate advocates at this week’s conference for its recent approvals of coal and gas projects, according to Steph Hodgins-May, Senior Campaigner at Greenpeace Australia Pacific

“Deep-sea mining is the most ludicrous concept, particularly when it comes to the shocking environmental track records of the oil and gas industry in offshore mining,” she said.

“A ban on mining the deepest parts of the seafloor is something our Pacific neighbours and allies all around the world have been calling for for years now, just like they’re calling for no new coal, oil and gas projects.

“Greenpeace hopes this is a sign that Labor is willing to really walk the talk when it comes to listening to Pacific Island nations on climate and ocean protection, particularly in the lead-up to a bid to co-host COP31.

“We urge Labor to push more governments around the world to come out against deep sea mining and hold world leaders accountable to ocean protection.”