Greenpeace delight at cancelled coal funding

Press release - 26 July, 2012

Friday, 27 July 2012: Greenpeace has reacted with delight at the cancellation of $100 million in public funds to a proposed HRL dirty coal-fired power station and is calling on the owners of the project to withdraw their proposal altogether.

“This result is a great reward for the years of hard work by environment organisations, grassroots groups and the broader community to resist this dirty project,” said Greenpeace Climate and Energy Campaigner, Julien Vincent.
“This decision effectively pulls the rug from underneath HRL’s proposed dirty coal power station which would have added over 3 million tonnes of carbon pollution to our atmosphere. Greenpeace is calling for these Commonwealth funds to be immediately re-allocated to renewable energy programs.
“This effectively put an end to new coal-fired power stations in Australia. It is an important step towards the renewable energy revolution.
“In this era where we are finally pricing carbon, it makes no sense to at the same time be using public funds to build new dirty coal projects.
“If common sense and responsible decision-making are to continue, the Victorian Government will now cancel the remaining taxpayer funds to HRL,” said Mr Vincent.
Last year, Greenpeace activists placed a 200-metre long banner across the site of the proposed HRL power station, calling on the Prime Minister to live up to her word that “no more dirty coal-fired power stations would be built in Australia”.
Greenpeace also partnered with Environment Victoria, Quit Coal and other environment groups to build a petition of over 12,000 people calling for HRL’s Commonwealth funding to be withdrawn and given to renewable energy.
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Julien Vincent, Greenpeace Climate and Energy Campaigner – 0419 179 529
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