Press release – 24 April, 2013Coral Sea, off Australian coast – 25 April 2013– Six Greenpeace activists who maintained a 28 hour protest on board a coal ship as it left Australia have returned to the Rainbow Warrior and are on their way to Cairns.The actions of the group who boarded the ship early on Wednesday bore witness to the role of Australian coal exports in driving climate change, and have garnered support from thousands of people around the world, including prominent Australians like climate scientist Professor Matthew England, Prof Clive Hamilton and Prof Robert Manne.
“Six activists got on board this ship and already thousands have come on board to support Greenpeace taking direct action against this globally polluting industry that poses a direct threat to the climate and the Great Barrier Reef,” said Greenpeace Australia Pacific Senior Climate Campaigner, Georgina Woods.
“Despite our protest, despite all of the rational reasons to end the age of coal, the industry and our Government plays deaf and blind to the growing threat of climate change.
“This is just the beginning. It is clear to us that we have widespread community support to wage a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience against coal, to stop it from inflicting irreversible harm on Australia. It is clear, too, that many more Australians need to join us, putting ourselves on the line to stop coal, if we are to halt this juggernaut.
“The ship we boarded has continued on its way to South Korea. We are returning to Australia to show this country that we are not daunted: we will continue to disrupt, oppose and fight the expansion of coal, in the interests of the country and all our futures.
One of the activists who boarded the MV Meister, Emma, from Australia, said: “After 28 hours on board it is clear to me that neither myself nor Greenpeace alone can stop these ships.  That’s why it is so important that all Australians step up so together we can slow, then stop, this dangerous trade."
The Rainbow Warrior is now en route to Cairns and is expected to arrive there over the weekend.
Further information: Cindy Baxter 0402 588 170