Press release – 30 October, 2012Wednesday, 31 October, 2012, Melbourne: Greenpeace is demanding John West clarify whether it was involved in a decision by a small family-owned company to remove a billboard targeting the company near its head office in Melbourne.Independent Outdoor Media (IOM) confirmed the Greenpeace ‘Reject John West’ campaign was cut short yesterday following ‘commercial pressure’ but would not be drawn on the exact nature.
Greenpeace had paid for a billboard reading ‘John West Killer Deal –’ to be erected for 4 weeks just near the John West headquarters in Melbourne. Having been in place for just 7 days, the billboard was removed late yesterday.
“Given the focus of the campaign and the proximity of the billboard, Greenpeace is calling on John West’s owner, Simplot, to clarify whether it, or any of its commercial partners, exerted pressure on IOM to end the public campaign,” Greenpeace Oceans campaigner Nathaniel Pelle said.
“If John West has a problem with Greenpeace’s campaign, they’re more than welcome to take it up with us. We’ll be happy to stop the campaign about their destructive fishing practices when they pledge to change their ways.”
There is no legal reason why the Greenpeace billboard had to be removed.
“John West’s owner, Simplot, has enormous media-buying budgets and Greenpeace wants to know whether or not Simplot has pressured IOM to take down the billboard targeting it,” said Pelle.
“Australians have a right to know the truth about what goes into John West’s cans.”
Last week, John West shut down the company’s Facebook page to people outside Australia and New Zealand.
“Instead of trying to shut down debate and peddle greenwash, John West should act like responsible companies including Safcol and Greenseas, and stop destructive fishing,” said Pelle.
Undeterred, Greenpeace has purchased a mobile billboard to drive the streets of Melbourne.
“We will keep exposing John West’s destructive fishing until the day it stops,” said Pelle.
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