The following statement can be attributed to Greenpeace Australia Pacific Program Director, Kate Smolski

“In order to help prevent further climate catastrophe in Australia, our region, and around the world, legislating a climate target is important, but just a first step. Bringing Australia’s 2030 climate target into law today could lay a foundation for stronger climate action in the near future. It is our sincere hope that political parties of all stripes, as well as independents, work together to bring about a safer climate future for Australia.

“The aim of the Australian federal government should be what every government and organisation in the world must aim for, which is to follow the science. The science clearly states that countries like Australia must replace coal with renewable energy by 2030 and cut emissions by 75 per cent from 2005 levels. Stopping all new coal and gas developments like Woodside’s Scarborough and Browse projects is essential to achieving that goal.”