Following the publication by the WA government of the Climate Change Bill Explanatory paper, Greenpeace Australia Pacific has welcomed the news but warned Woodside’s Burrup Hub will undermine and delay the state’s bright future as a renewable energy superpower.

“Greenpeace Australia Pacific welcomes the WA Government’s plan to legislate a net zero emissions by 2050 target, though we are disappointed there will be no statewide 2030 target. This leaves WA as the only state in Australia without a 2030 target”, Jess Panegyres, Head of Clean Energy Transition at Greenpeace Australia Pacific said today. 

“This legislation is an important step towards making WA a world leader in clean energy and we would love to see this legislation strengthened to include a 2030 target and enforcement mechanism.

“WA has incredible opportunities in the clean energy economy – the biggest opportunities in Australia. 

“However, the continued expansion of the gas industry will undermine WA’s ability to achieve this important new goal.

“If the WA government approves Woodside’s Burrup Hub, the most polluting new fossil fuel project proposed in Australia, the climate benefits of this Bill will be gravely undermined. 

“The Burrup Hub project would produce gas until 2070, all while pouring out billions of tonnes of climate-destroying emissions – a full 20 years after Western Australia is meant to reach net zero emissions. 

“It doesn’t make sense to expand risky, polluting fossil fuel projects like Woodside’s Burrup Hub for local energy or export revenue, when Western Australia is one of the sunniest, windiest places in the world. 

“With our smart workforce and export infrastructure, with the right levers and adequate consultation with the community and key stakeholders, Western Australia can be a renewable energy superpower,” Panegyres added. 

“While a targeted consultation will be conducted, a lot has changed on climate since 2019 and we believe all West Australians should be able to input into this critical piece of legislation.”


The North West Shelf facility is a key piece of infrastructure for Woodside’s Burrup Hub – the most climate polluting fossil fuel project currently proposed in Australia. The Burrup Hub will release over 6.1 billion tonnes of carbon emissions in its lifetime to 2070. You can find out more about Woodside’s proposed climate-wrecking gas plans here.