Green energy, not gas key to WA’s future

PERTH, Friday 17th November 2023 - The following comments relating to today’s Energy Transition Summit in Perth are attributable to Jess Panegyres, Head of Clean Energy at Greenpeace Australia Pacific:

© Bernd Lauter / Greenpeace

“The $700-million dollar funding announced today by the Cook government in WA’s main electricity network is a fantastic investment that will help unlock the state’s ability to connect large-scale renewable energy generation to the grid.

Similarly, the joint $19-million funding partnership between the Albanese and Cook Governments to help communities in the Kimberley install rooftop solar is a really welcome and helpful initiative.

I agree with Premier Cook that WA can be a global clean energy leader and can help the world tackle climate change.

But I strongly disagree with the Premier’s view that gas expansion is good. CSIRO has warned us that pushing gas into Asia could displace renewables.

The IEA has warned that no new gas projects are needed to limit global warming to 1.5.

The reality is that expanding WA’s gas exports will only keep our neighbours hooked on fossil fuels for decades to come, will delay their transitions and will contribute to devastating climate impacts for communities in WA and across Asia.

I invite the Premier to spend less time listening to Meg O’Neill at Woodside and pay more attention to what the young school strikers outside the summit had to say.”

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