SYDNEY – Thursday 16 May 2024 – Greenpeace Australia Pacific has today welcomed the long-awaited passing of New Vehicle Emissions Standards, which will reduce carbon pollution from cars and kick-start the transition to an Australia that runs on renewables.

“Today we are delighted to learn that New Vehicle Emissions Standards have become law – which means  80  million tonnes less carbon pollution from cars will enter the atmosphere by 2035. That is the same as the entire state of Victoria emits in a year,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific Head of Climate and Energy Joe Rafalowicz said today.

“The New Vehicle Emissions Standards are the first step to opening up the Australian market to more EVs and ensuring that demand for them can be met. This means that finally, Australia can join other countries in accelerating on electric vehicles and bringing down our massive transport emissions.

“Had the Government introduced standards in 2015 when the idea was initially put forward, Australians would have saved almost 6 billion dollars in fuel costs.

“Well done to Prime Minister Albanese for succeeding where others have failed. He stood up to the car lobby and acted in Australia’s best interests.

“Australia should be leading the world on renewables and clean technology like EVs – but just like the car lobby fought tooth and nail to stop these pollution caps for new cars, the chicken littles of the fossil fuel era claim every reform is impossible. They are wrong. The Government proved that today: Australia’s future is zero emission, starting with our cars.

“It’s been a long road, and we’re finally at the finish line. In this critical decade – be it in transport, gas, protecting our environment and our oceans –  we desperately need to see leadership from Labor across the board on climate action,” Rafalowicz added. 

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