Don’t let gas undermine climate and cost of living progress

Tuesday 9 May, 2023 - In response to the Federal Budget, Greenpeace Australia Pacific welcomed the Government’s investment in renewable energy and household electrification, but noted the Government must not let the gas industry undermine progress.

“Using its surplus and its mandate from Australians at the recent ‘climate election’, there have been some strong and welcome announcements made surrounding this budget, including more than $1.6 billion for energy saving and electrification upgrades for households and small businesses,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s Head of Strategy and Advocacy Glenn Walker said today. 

“However both Labor’s cost-of-living measures and investments in climate action are being undermined by the gas industry, which is ripping off Australian families and accelerating the climate crisis.

“It’s staggering that at a time of climate and cost of living crisis, gas and oil companies are still in receipt of billions of dollars worth of subsidies. These subsidies could be better spent on a transition away from climate-wrecking gas.”

“We are surprised and concerned to learn of the Government’s newly announced ‘Future Gas Strategy’ – the gas strategy we need is to get off gas as quickly as possible, and phase out gas exports and replace them with clean energy.”

In a pre-Budget submission, Greenpeace Australia Pacific called on the Government to make a significant investment in supporting household and small business electrification, with particular emphasis on low-income households.

“Australian families can reap huge cost, climate and health benefits by electrifying their homes, but the upfront costs can be a major barrier to that. The Federal Government’s commitment to further electrify Australian households is an important step in helping more families get off gas.

Greenpeace welcomed the $355m investment (over four years) in national parks, but Mr Walker cautioned, “if we’re to end extinctions in Australia, we must go further with more funding and deal directly with Australia’s deforestation crisis.”


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