Dirty bank takes out "Sustainability" Award

Press release - 9 September, 2010

The announcement this afternoon that ANZ bank has topped the sector category in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index serves to further erode public trust in the term ‘sustainability’.

On its own website, ANZ boasts of being Australia’s largest funder of coal –  the key driver of pollution and global warming. Just last year, ANZ was one of the lead arrangers on a deal to fund Bluewaters II, the most recent new coal fired power station built in Australia.
"The ability to greenwash its image further with the help of the Sustainability Index does nothing for the integrity of either brand," John Hepburn, Greenpeace Climate Campaigner said.
"People are sick and tired of being mislead by greenwash. Investing in coal is anything but sustainable and banks that continue to do so will increasingly meet a public backlash," said Mr Hepburn.
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