SYDNEY, 26 June 2024 – As a Senate Committee hands down a report recommending that the Duty of Care bill not be passed, Greenpeace Australia Pacific has called the recommendation a dereliction of the duty that elected leaders have to citizens and urged leaders to commit to protecting future generations from climate change.

“The Albanese government’s rejection of the Duty of Care bill is an abject failure by the government to recognise its highest duty: the protection and safety of its citizens,” David Ritter, CEO, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, said.

“What could be more important and obvious than for the Australian government to recognise that it has to look after the future for the kids of this country?

“It is extraordinary that young people had to campaign for their own safety from the consequences of burning fossil fuels in the first place, given the incontrovertible scientific link between the coal, oil, and gas burned today and future climate change. 

“The Albanese government’s rejection of this plea today sends a heartbreaking message to the young people who will bear the brunt of the climate crisis in years to come, as well as the adults who want a safe future for their children.

“The scientific, moral and ethical reality is that today’s leaders have a duty to protect future generations from global heating, starting with an end to approvals for new climate-wrecking fossil fuel projects. 

“For instance, Woodside’s Burrup Hub, Australia’s most climate-polluting fossil fuel proposal, is under consideration right now. If approved, it will contribute to driving unthinkable climate impacts that all children—including my own—will have to endure. 

“The very legitimacy of a government rests upon its ability to keep citizens safe. It is not too late for Labor to turn its climate rhetoric into greater action, and mitigate the severe harm that climate change will do to future generations to by accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels,” said Mr Ritter. 


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Note to editors: 

David Ritter’s submission to the Duty of Care Bill is available here

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is a global independent campaigning organisation that uses peaceful protest and creative confrontation to expose environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.