Coles Queensland: down down, emissions are down

SYDNEY, Tuesday 22 September 2020 - Greenpeace Australia Pacific welcomes the announcement today that Coles will source more than 90% of its Queensland electricity requirements from clean energy.

Today’s announcement of a landmark 10-year agreement with the state-owned clean energy generator and retailer CleanCo is a huge step towards a commitment to 100% renewable energy, said Greenpeace’s REenergise campaign director, Lindsay Soutar.

“Now more than ever, Australia needs future-proof jobs, sound investment decisions, and economic stability, and renewable energy commitments like this help to deliver that.” 

“The world’s biggest companies are switching to renewable energy because it’s clean, affordable, and reliable – and it’s great to see Coles step up to the plate in Queensland.”

“With Coles already heading for 30% of its operations powered by renewable electricity, there’s now no reason they can’t go all the way and commit to 100% renewable electricity, as major competitor ALDI has recently done”. 

“Major companies like Coles and Woolworths are some of our biggest energy users. If they switch their operations to 100% renewable energy they can help create a clean and resilient economy with more jobs for everyday Australians.”

“In Australia and overseas, over 250 companies have already made commitments to 100% renewable energy through the RE100 initiative- proving that 100% renewable is 100% doable.”

Greenpeace is now calling on Coles to sign up to RE100 and commit to 100% renewable electricity by 2025. 

“If even more of Australia’s biggest companies switch to 100% renewable energy, it will create thousands and thousands of future-proof jobs for Australians, modernise our energy grid, and help ensure a safe and healthy future for all.”

For more information please contact Head of Communications Nelli Stevenson on 0428 113 346 or email [email protected]