Climate Summit snub shows the world’s not fooled by Morrison’s posturing

SYDNEY, Tuesday 8 December 2020 – In response to the news that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has yet to be granted a speaking slot at the 12 December Global Climate Ambition Summit that he has “vowed to attend”, Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter said: 

“Scott Morrison has come up with no credible commitments on climate change and the world has noticed.”

“The international community are not mugs. They have watched the tragedy of Australia burning and our reefs bleaching and see a prime minister who is still in love with the fossil fuels that are driving the damage.”

“If Scott Morrison wants to have anyone listen to him internationally, he needs to come up with credible commitments. We need a national target of carbon neutrality by 2040 – and a credible mechanism for getting there.”

“For so long as the Morrison government does four fifths of bugger all on climate change, Australia will continue to pay an increasing diplomatic price for our isolation.”

“Australian states, businesses and communities are showing the way with true leadership on renewable energy and emissions reduction. It is the absence of leadership at a national level that is holding us back.”