Climate dinosaurs declared extinct at Federal Election

Greenpeace Australia Pacific has declared the Morrison Government’s decisive loss in the polls is “the only time you’ll ever see us celebrating an extinction event”, adding that Australians have voted for the climate in giving the Coalition the boot.

Australian voters have named climate change as a top concern in pre-election polling and this has been borne out in the results which saw the Coalition decisively removed from office, with a huge swing towards climate-focused candidates, including the Greens and teal Independents.

David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, said that voters have sent a clear message that ignoring the climate and ecological crises is the fastest way to electoral demise.

“Australian voters have made the call for urgent climate action, and now it’s time for the new parliament to roll up its sleeves and get on with the job,” he said.

“Integrity in public life was also a key electorate concern. This should send a clear message that sleazy relationships between politicians and fossil fuel vested interests need to become a thing of the past”.

“We wouldn’t usually celebrate any extinction event, but we’re delighted to see the end of climate dinosaur policies on climate change. Successive Coalition Governments handed billions to the coal and gas industries while Australians battle worsening floods, fires and droughts, and our Pacific neighbours face existential climate threats. History will not remember them kindly. ” 

“It’s time for urgent and decisive emissions reduction and rapid acceleration of our shift to cleaner, cheaper renewable energy. But the climate threat has now reached a point where we must now mitigate our failure to prepare, as well as limit our continued impact. In addition to tackling our climate pollution, the new government must support Australians and our Pacific neighbours to deal with the environmental, social and economic shocks of climate damage.”

This can be a transformative moment for Australia, one that sets our country up for a safer climate future and economic prosperity and re-establishes our position as a global climate leader. But it requires bold vision and a clear-eyed view of what climate science demands.”

“There’s no doubt the next government has their work cut out for them. But they’ve been handed a climate mandate by Australians, and now they must act on it.”

Greenpeace Australia Pacific calls on the newly-formed government to:


  • Legislate Australia’s net-zero emissions by 2050 target.
  • Rule out further public subsidies for fossil fuel projects and infrastructure that are fuelling the climate crisis.
  • Develop and implement a detailed plan to get to 82% renewable energy in the National Electricity Market by 2030, allowing scope to increase ambition as required.
  • Tackle Australia’s escalating transport emissions by introducing fuel efficiency standards and developing a national clean transport strategy.
  • Significantly increase climate finance to the Pacific region and partner with Pacific leaders to host the United Nations climate summit in the region.
  • Support the Vanuatu Government’s resolution to seek an advisory opinion on climate change from the International Court of Justice at the upcoming Pacific Island Leaders forum in July.


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