Greenpeace Australia Pacific has called on businesses to accelerate their ambition on electric fleets following news of $12 million in funding from ARENA to launch the country’s largest-ever EV fleet charging project.

“Greenpeace Australia Pacific welcomes the announcement today from Minister Bowen and ARENA of an additional $12 million funding towards Australia’s largest electric vehicle charging project,” Violette Snow, Greenpeace Australia Pacific spokesperson, said today. 

“This announcement is an essential step in the right direction to ensure Australia isn’t left behind in the global electric vehicle transition.

“It’s time for big business to step up on transport by committing to 100% electric cars and trucks. Increased investment in charging-as-a-service dramatically reduces dwindling excuses from the business sector, adding to the business case for electric fleets. 

“We’re already seeing major companies like IKEA, Woolworths and Westpac showing leadership by switching to electric cars, vans and/or trucks.

“Fleets play a critical role in Australia’s transition to electric vehicles as their cars make up over 40% of new car sales and are only used for 3-5 years. So when a business commits to going electric, that means more everyday Aussies will be able to buy second-hand EVs sooner and start driving toward cleaner, healthier streets.

“If more businesses electrify their fleets, that means more everyday Aussies can buy EVs sooner and start driving towards a cleaner, healthier future.”

“Australia is at the back of the pack on electric vehicles globally and at risk of staying a dumping ground for dirty, outdated cars if the Federal Government doesn’t quickly legislate strong pollution caps,” Snow added.

The Federal Government is expected to announce its modelling for long-awaited Fuel Efficiency Standards before the end of the year. Greenpeace Australia Pacific continues to urge the Government not to be distracted or delayed by any push from petrol car lobbyists to include so-called ‘multiplier credits’ in a fuel efficiency scheme.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific also recently called on Australia’s major supermarket retailers to install charging infrastructure at 4,000 supermarkets, delivering up to 25,000 new charging points for consumers nationwide.


Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s Electrify Fleets campaign calls on some of Australia’s biggest companies to clean up their transport pollution by switching to 100% electric cars and trucks, powered by renewables.