Berejiklian to go to the polls with no plan for climate action

SYDNEY, March 18, 2019 - The New South Wales government appears set to go to the 2019 State election with no plan to address the climate crisis.

A week after reports emerged of Premier Berejiklian ignoring her own climate advisors [1] and subsequently shelving plans to fight climate change [2], the Coalition’s response is to propose an amendment to strata voting rules to encourage the uptake of rooftop solar.

“The Liberal Party is profoundly tone-deaf and ignoring voters on this issue. A few days after 150,000 school-kids marched across Australia for climate action, is not the time to announce a reform of strata voting rules. This is not a viable response,” said Holly Dawson, Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner.  

“Last week we learned Berejiklian is personally blocking climate action. Now that the issue is incontrovertibly front-and-centre electorally, she’s not even bothering with a fig-leaf. This falls short of even tinkering around the edges. It’s irresponsible and the people of New South Wales can see through this.”

“The Liberal Party do not have a climate policy, nor a responsible approach to energy policy.”

A poll published in the Sydney Morning Herald last week showed that 57.5 percent of voters view climate change as a more pressing issue than hospitals, schools and public transport. [3] Gladys Berejiklian and the coalition have chosen to ignore their concerns, as well as those of the independents, which polls suggest she will likely need to form a minority government with.

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich, Lake Macquarie MP Greg Piper, and Wagga Wagga MP Joe McGirr are demanding the next New South Wales government act on climate change and come up with a plan for a just transition the state’s ageing and unreliable coal plants with clean energy.







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