Australians win back their oceans

Press release - 10 September, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, Sydney: Greenpeace congratulated the Gillard government today for showing the courage to prevent the Abel Tasman super trawler fishing in our waters. Greenpeace hailed it as a victory for the Australian community which has united to reject this monster ship. The decision also sends a message to the global super-sized fishing fleets that world community opposition is growing to their unsustainable business model.

“This is what happens when we all stand together,” said Greenpeace Head of Campaigns Ben Pearson. “Thousands of people across the country turned out to rallies, sent letters to editors, and pressured their local MPs. More than one person signed the Greenpeace ‘No super trawlers’ every minute.”
“The two-year ban is welcome and we always support more scientific investigations into how we manage our oceans more sustainably,” said Pearson.
Greenpeace will continue its global campaign against over-fishing and super trawlers like the Abel Tasman.
“The decision today by the Gillard government will give heart to communities and campaigners across the globe who continue to oppose super trawlers like the Abel Tasman and the devastating business model it represents.”
“The global overfishing problem has not gone away”, said Ben Pearson. “There is 2.5 times more fishing capacity in the world than there are fish. This decision will put pressure on the European Union to withdraw its subsidies from the super trawler fleet and is a step towards more sustainable fishing.” said Pearson.
For more information, contact:
Elsa Evers, Greenpeace Media Advisor, 0438 204 041
Ben Pearson, Greenpeace Head of Campaigns, 0424 575 111