Australians charge ahead on EVs but still back of queue without fuel efficiency standards

SYDNEY, Friday 14 October 2022 – The Electric Vehicle Council’s (EVC) new report ‘The State of Electric Vehicles’ out this morning shows demand for EVs in Australia is rapidly increasing, but a lack of fuel efficiency standards is holding back supply, Greenpeace Australia Pacific says.

With cars and light commercial vehicles contributing 60 per cent of all transport emissions, and transport one of Australia’s largest sources of climate pollution, Greenpeace Australia Pacific senior campaigner Lindsay Soutar says introducing a fuel efficiency standard to hit the brakes on Australia’s emissions is a no-brainer.

“This report once again exposes how a lack of fuel efficiency standards is holding back EV accessibility and affordability in Australia.

“While the world is racing ahead in the adoption of electric vehicles, in Australia this year only 3.39 per cent of new vehicle sales were fully electric. While a positive step up from 2 per cent last year, the Australian government can and should be doing so much more.

“Australians are crying out for access to better technology and do their bit to reduce transport emissions. We have demand that massively exceeds supply.

“Australians deserve better, cleaner transport. Unlocking Australia’s supply of affordable electric cars through strong fuel efficiency standards will save us money, clean up our air, protect our climate and cut our reliance on dirty, imported fuel.

“The Albanese government urgently needs to move to put in place a strong fuel efficiency standard. It’s time to get Australia on the road to a clean transport future in line with clear consumer demand.”



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