Australian ecosystem collapse report shows how we’re failing our land – and ourselves

A report published today finding that iconic Australian ecosystems are in danger of collapse should serve as the starkest warning that we must address the climate crisis, said Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter.

The report, published in Global Change Biology, was drafted by 38 eminent scientists who study Australian ecosystems. It warns of serious ecological damage to crucial Australian ecosystems including the Great Barrier and Ningaloo Reefs, the Murray Darling Basin and South Australia’s kelp forests.

David Ritter, CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, made the following statement:

“These heartbreaking findings reveal the utter urgency of addressing the climate crisis in Australia. Eminent scientists, experts in the study of our country, have now issued the starkest of warnings – our magnificent ecosystems are at imminent risk of collapse. Some of them have already started collapsing.”

“The magnificent diversity and environment of this country is in grave danger, and it’s time for our Federal Government to step up to protect it. “

“We must urgently phase out burning coal, oil and gas and transition to cleaner, safer renewable energy. We must address the deforestation crisis that has seen Queensland become one of the world’s deforestation hotspots, and introduce strong laws in line with the Samuel review to protect our precious wildlife. Anything less is failing our forests, our reefs and our land – and ourselves.”

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