With a Federal Parliamentary inquiry now established to examine the impact and opportunities of electric vehicles in Australia, Greenpeace Australia Pacific has again today urged the Federal Government to introduce long-overdue legislation to enact a strong Fuel Efficiency Standard.

In welcoming the establishment of the Parliamentary Inquiry, Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Joe Rafalowicz emphasised that the Federal Government “already has some of the answers – and a simple, long-overdue step is the introduction of an ambitious and robust Fuel Efficiency Standard.”

“Transport is the fastest growing source of climate-wrecking emissions in Australia. Due to the absence of strong, legislated fuel efficiency standards, new cars sold in Australia are some of the most polluting and expensive to run cars in the world,” Rafalowicz said

“Demand for electric vehicles in Australia has skyrocketed, but the lack of fuel efficiency standards is putting the brakes on the electric vehicle market, holding Australians back from cleaner, more affordable electric transport.

“The introduction of a Fuel Efficiency Standard has been floated since 2016, with at least three consultations and inquiries since that time.

“Greenpeace Australia Pacific recently released figures which showed Australian motorists would have saved $10.1 billion in avoided petrol costs if a Fuel Efficiency Standard had been introduced when it was first considered. 

“In a climate crisis, we cannot allow another inquiry to lead to further delay. Having promised to introduce draft standards by the end of last year, our Federal Transport Minister should act to introduce a strong Standard when the Parliament returns,” Mr Rafalowicz added.