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Heaps Better Episode 1
Heaps Better Episode 2 - Renewables Revolution
Heaps Better Episode 3 - Finance
Heaps Better Episode 4

2: How can we speed up renewables?

4: How can we make our leaders listen?

3: How can we stop funding the climate crisis?

1: How can we be better planet savers?

For collective action to succeed, we need to influence the influential. Hear inspiring stories of everyday people making big changes.

Hear what we can do to kick coal out of the system, speed up the renewable energy revolution, and encourage big business to do it too.

Is our money financing the climate crisis? Join Ash and Jess as we learn about how easy it is to make sure your money is clean and green!

What can we do to stop climate change? We discover our superpowers for climate action, especially when we work together.

Episode 1 transcript

Episode 2 transcript

Episode 3 transcript

Episode 4 transcript

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Meet our hosts

Jess Hamilton

Jess Hamilton

Ash Berdebes

Jess Hamilton is an audio producer whose podcasting has taken her from interviewing the caretakers of a cryogenically frozen man in a Colorado backyard to recording audio tours of chocolate factories and fertility labs. Her work has featured on ABC RN, CRN, FBi Radio and Nova Entertainment, including the Mumbrella and ACRA award-winning podcast Modern Babies. In 2019 her independent fiction podcast, Slaughterhouse Road was featured in Bello Collective’s top 100 podcasts.

A teacher once swapped positions with Ash Berdebes to get her to explain global warming to the class, and the power of teaching went to her head. She continues to distil knowledge across radio, podcasting, workshops, for-purpose video, politics, photography and strategic comms. An awarded interviewer and mad chats enthusiast, her works aim to understand, improve and celebrate the world and our shared human experience.

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