Take Action

  • Switch to a greener electricity provider

    8 February 2022
    It’s time to take action on climate change by switching electricity providers. By switching to greener electricity providers, together we can force dirty coal and gas out of the grid and bring more renewable electricity in, sending a clear message to electricity companies that it’s time to get serious about tackling climate change.
  • Stand with Amazon Defenders

    25 July 2021
    Stand with Indigenous Peoples and environmental defenders to protect the Amazon and help amplify their voices to the world, building a case for action to keep rainforests in the hands of the Indigenous Peoples, who are the true forest protectors.
  • Save Rang-tan. End dirty palm oil.

    25 July 2021
    Palm oil needs to be produced in a sustainable way and huge corporations must source a product that follow responsible agricultural practices - that would protect the forests, the wildlife and the local communities. Add your name to our petition and tell big brands to stop using palm oil from forest destroyers.
  • Take action on the climate crisis

    25 July 2021
    Now is the time to take action on the climate crisis that is driving catastrophic and unprecedented bushfires. Sign the petition and stand in solidarity with bushfire survivors and the native wildlife that have perished.