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  • Global Plastics Treaty Now!

    25 January 2023
    Negotiations for a Global Plastics Treaty have begun. Sign now to help push for a strong treaty to end the age of polluting plastics!
  • REPORT: Blasting our Ocean: Woodside’s Dangerous Seismic Plan

    13 December 2022
    Woodside Energy aims to start risky seismic surveying for its Scarborough gas project before the end of 2022. The process uses underwater airguns to blast powerful sound waves towards the seabed to assess fossil fuel reservoirs beneath the ocean floor.
  • REPORT: Lost Time and Damaged Reputations

    9 November 2022
    Climate leadership and expectations of Australia as an ally to Pacific islands. What Australia must do to go from blocker to leader on loss and damage
  • Under The Hood, The Truth About Toyota

    9 September 2022
    It’s time to stand up to this big polluter and expose Toyota’s dirty backroom lobbying. Together we can put the brakes on Toyota’s dirty dealings and pressure the company to switch to cleaner, healthier electric vehicles. Toyota was once a world leader - and it can be again, if it cleans up its act.
  • Support our Campaigns

    22 August 2022
    Together we can speak out for our planet. 100% of our funding comes from generous individual donors, which allows us to make independent decisions and take action on campaigns that matter the most to our supporters.
  • Donate to Greenpeace

    22 August 2022
    Please make a tax-deductible donation to help power our campaigns to fight for a clean and safe future for our planet and all who call it home.
  • You can help protect the Great Barrier Reef

    25 July 2022
    We call on the Australian Federal Government to protect the Great Barrier Reef from the impacts of climate change by replacing all coal-burning power stations with clean and safe renewable energy by 2030 and committing to net-zero by 2035.
  • Moby Sick

    15 July 2022
    In its new report, Greenpeace Australia Pacific shows how seismic surveying, dredging and drilling for both Burrup Hub projects - Scarborough and Browse - will put whales in danger.