Community Resources

Bight Action Pack

All the resources you need to hit the street and protect the Great Australian Bight from oil drilling!
  1. Poster: Protect Our Bight

  2. Bight Petition

  3. Poster: Oil & Water Don\'t Mix

  4. Blank MP Postcard

  5. Host a Screening Top Tips

Greenpeace guides

A selection of tips and tricks for all your campaign needs from the team at Greenpeace Australia-Pacific and across the world.
  1. Making Banners

  2. Postering

  3. Getting Media Coverage

  4. Instagram Stories

  5. Writing a blog

  6. Conversation Guide

DIY Activism

A new series of videos from Greenpeace Australia-Pacific with a host of top tips for your campaigns! Watch this space...
  1. DIY Activism: Getting Media Coverage

    Senior Media Campaigner, Simon Black, gives you some top tips on getting media for your campaign or event

  2. DIY Activism: Capturing Action On Your Phone

    So you're doing something amazing and helping to make the world a better place, but no-one knows about it...

The Greenpeace Network

Join with other Greenpeace supporters around the region, standing up for the planet. Meet some of the crew and take action with them today!
  1. We Are Greenpeace

  2. Activity Attendance Record

  3. The Real Antarctic with Zoe

  4. Poster: Time to Get Radical

General / Uncategorized Resources

  1. Rainbow Warrior Origami