What happens in the Greenpeace office?

8 December 2014

Krystal Li is a year 10 student from North Sydney Girls High School. She joined the Greenpeace team in the office for a week long work experience placement. What did she learn? Here’s the lowdown on what goes on in the Greenpeace office.

Hi there! My name is Krystal, and I like to make lists. I spent a week at Greenpeace for work experience I have learnt more than a list’s worth about this organisation, but here are some things that I would like to share:

1. Friendly faces are all you see

It’s true; everyone is welcoming, approachable and always willing to help. No one will turn you down!  With the impact that Greenpeace staff and volunteers have on the wider community, it’s no wonder everyone seems so happy about their jobs.

Krystal Li - Work Experience Student at the Greenpeace Australia office

2. Everyone is super dedicated to their work

Everybody in the office care about the things they do. How do I know? It’s quite clear to see from the number of people arriving early and working late just to make sure their campaigns are a success!

3. So much happens in the Greenpeace office in one day

Everyone knows Greenpeace is devoted to a number of different aspects of the environment, so it wasn’t a surprise to find out that there are many diverse campaigns running simultaneously.

From responding to the historic emissions agreement between the US and China, to getting ready for the final episode of the ‘What’s The Catch’ documentary and helping supporters pressure Lawsons auctioneers into withdrawing critically endangered black rhino horns from sale – so much happens in the Greenpeace office in just one day.

Krystal Li - Work Experience Student at the Greenpeace Australia office

4. Less of a job, more of a passion

When you have a passion for the environment, like everyone at the Greenpeace office, all you would want to do is promote and empower others to support the campaigns that address global environmental issues. It was fantastic to see people from all different backgrounds coming together to create global change from the Greenpeace office.

5. There is a big history of campaign success

Though I’m sure you are aware of the impact the Greenpeace community has on the world, it’s still amazing to see the goals they end up achieving. Current campaigns address diverse issues from climate change to defending our oceans. Being an independently-run organisation, Greenpeace runs on donations from individuals, making all campaign successes all the more worthwhile!

Krystal Li - Work Experience Student at the Greenpeace Australia office

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work within an organisation that has made an immeasurable and positive impact on society. I enjoyed learning about previous Greenpeace campaigns, and being part of current ones. I was also interested to see fundraisers out on the streets who would draw in supporters with their enthusiasm and passion for the organisation. What I will cherish the most from this experience is the stories, advice and kind words offered by all the people I’ve met in the past week. Greenpeace is a phenomenal organisation and I am certain they will continue to inspire and generate the change we see in the world.