Wentworth Climate Scorecards

Send the climate wreckers a message

19 October 2018

How the candidates in Wentworth stack up on climate...

This Saturday, you and thousands of voters will take to the polls to send the climate wreckers a message. This by-election will be historic, and with Wentworth voters unequivocally ranking climate change as their top voting issueit’s a unique opportunity to have a real impact on the future of the environment.

A lot of you have been asking for information on how the top candidates stack up on their climate policies. Thanks to our friends as GetUp, we have a handy scorecard that shows where the top candidates stand on the biggest issues affecting our climate.

Share this blog post and scorecard with your fellow Wentworth voters, and together we can send a message that the climate wreckers can’t ignore: if you mess with our climate, you mess with us!

By Jack Ballhausen