The Rainbow Warrior heads to Vanuatu

28 April 2015

Since Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu and the Pacific in March, 75,000 people have been left in dire need of emergency shelter and other goods to restore their lives and homes.

There are ongoing tireless efforts from many different organisations, through the National Disaster Management Office, which have been working hard to provide relief to Vanuatu and it’s people.

One of the major logistical hurdles the aid agencies are facing is the collection and distribution of goods throughout the islands.

To try to ease this difficulty, this week, the Rainbow Warrior will be heading from Sydney to Vanuatu carrying goods and gifts supplied and collected by numerous organisations.

We will be loading up the ship, ready for departure on Sunday the 3 of May.

Aid agencies on the ground have reported to us a desperate need for solar torches in the country, due to the sporadic power and electricity outages Vanuatu is experiencing.

These will help provide light and safety to remote areas that have been destroyed by Cyclone Pam.

Here’s where you can help.

In alliance with the Aussie Storm Shop, Greenpeace and Action Aid will collect solar lights purchased from their online store by our loving supporters and take them to Vanuatu with us.

From now until Thursday midnight, you can click here and purchase a solar torch for those who need one most:

Use the coupon code ‘RainbowWarrior’ in order to receive a discount and so our friends at Aussie Storm Shop know to bundle your torch up with the rest headed to Vanuatu. To keep it simple, you can just pop in your own address when it asks you to fill in your details. Aussie Storm will know from the RainbowWarrior code where it’s going.

We will load them onto the Rainbow Warrior over the weekend and take them directly to those who need a little light right now.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

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