The Making of #WheresBarry

6 June 2013

The decision to make 'Cash for Containers' a national scheme in Australia is so close. In fact the decision will come down to one man, NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell.

So, on a cold, dark morning in Northern Sydney we decided to personally take our Coca-Cola ad that got banned by national TV Channels to Barry O’Farrell – by placing it on the side of a truck. We also made a film about it. So here’s the diary of our quest to find Barry.

6:00 am

Lights, camera and action: Our campaigner Reece is hiding in a bush in Roseville opposite Barry’s house. Meanwhile, Comms Director, James, disguised as window washer, runs up and down Pacific Highway in search of Barry’s car.

7:00 am

No sign of Barry. He may have avoided the team, but I doubt he missed the truck parked on the side of Pacific Highway that displayed “PLEASE WATCH OUR AD BARRY” in bright lights.

Time to join the commuters and head to the city.

Wonder what all the other Barry’s thought of our truck?

8:00 am

First stop: NSW Leagues Club. Rumour has it Barry frequents this gym so Reece dons his viser and leg warmers and heads to the gym.

Barry is proving to be quite elusive, perhaps we’re not being subtle enough?

We check Barry’s not hiding in the Coca-Cola lorry parked outside the Leagues Club.

10:00 am

The truck sits outside NSW Parliament house and plays the ad on repeat for the next 5 hours. Passers by stop to watch the ad. The music drives the nearby cafe staff crazy.

12:00 pm

The team gather outside NSW Parliament house to ask fellow MPs if they’ve seen Barry. We get confirmation Barry’s inside! Reece can’t contain his excitement.

We carry on speaking to politicians about our ad and we’re super happy that most of them have already seen it.

2:00 pm

Finally, we get a glimpse of Barry from his office window and the team breaks out in “Barry” chants. He briefly turns around to wave!

3:30 pm

Reece gives Barry’s press officer a call to ask if Barry can turn around to watch the ad that’s now parked outside his office.

“Barry” chants continue.

5:00 pm

It’s getting dark, Barry still hasn’t turned around and we’re losing our voices.

We’re feeling somewhat deflated. We did everything we could to get this ad in front of Barry. Now we need your help! Barry may be able to ignore us, but he won’t ignore you. Please join the campaign by doing the following:

1. Email Barry: ask him to support ‘Cash for Containers’

2. Tweet Barry: we’ve already put the tweet together for you


And here’s the final video: